Dozens stung by wasps at Great Reno Balloon Races

A swarm of wasps attacked dozens of people, including a group of kindergarteners who had gathered in a Reno, Nevada, park to watch a hot air balloon competition,.

Washoe County officials say 48 people were treated at the scene after they were stung by the Western yellowjackets around 7 a.m. Friday.

No one was seriously hurt or required hospitalization.

wasps tree bees destroyed preston

wasps tree bees destroyed preston

Park officials said they would destroy the underground nests once the crowds cleared out for the day at the Great Reno Balloon Race.

Parks operation director Eric Crump says yellowjackets can become aggressive this time of year.

He says they’re important to the ecosystem because they eat insects and serve as food for birds. But he says his heart goes out to the kids because he’s been stung before, and, he says, “it hurts!”

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