Wasps and Mice found in our schools

OVER £22,000 has been paid by North Ayrshire Council in the last four and a half years attempting to tackle pest control in schools.

Wasps Destroyed 07787758033

Wasps Destroyed 07787758033

And in the last year, schools in Irvine and Kilwinning have faced issues with rats, wasps, ants and mice with one school having to call the council FOUR times in the space of a year.

Figures obtained by the Times through a Freedom of Information request showed that £22,007 has been forked out by the council since 2011 and since September of last year, £915.60 has been spent on pest control on schools in Irvine and Kilwinning.

St. Mark’s Primary School in Irvine was visited by pest controllers the most over the year, with the school asking for their services four times to deal with ants on three occasions and wasps once, costing the council a total of £155.40.

The Irvine school was not the costliest however as Annick Primary School, also in Irvine may have only had two visits from pest control throughout the year but the council had to stump up over £200 to service the school.

This was due to having a rather large infestation of mice which required significant work and that one single job cost £163.80, more than any other school in North Ayrshire in the last year.

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The main issue for the schools was the number of ants which and to be dealt with, as nine Irvine and Kilwinning schools reported issues with them and required assistance.

Mice and rats caused issues at four of the schools, with the service to deal with them usually costing significantly more than other pests, and wasps were an issue at two of the schools.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Incidents within schools or any of our facilities are thankfully extremely rare.

“When we do encounter a problem, our pest control team act swiftly and decisively to ensure all pests are removed humanely and as quickly as possible.

“While you can treat many infestations by yourself, using insecticides, it is always better to contact experts if you are in any doubt.

“Our experienced Pest Control Officers can carry out treatments for you at a reasonable cost or can be contacted for advice.

We charge a fixed price of £35.00 for wasps destroyed. Tel Andy 07787758033

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