Grandfather killed by swarm of wasps in ‘tragic accident’ at holiday park

An 83 year-old man was killed by a swarm of wasps after he accidentally disturbed their nest on holiday.

wasps destroyed

Grandfather Clive Southall mistakenly disturbed the nest whilst clearing woodland near to his holiday home in Welshpool, Mid Wales.

The inquest heard that the wasps swarmed and began to sting him repeatedly. His family watched in horror as he rushed back to the holiday home in a bid to get rid of the wasps, placing his head under a cold shower.

His daughter, who was in the caravan, commented that she could hardly see her father’s face because there were so many wasps on him. He came out of the bathroom shortly after going in and said that he had been stung a lot of times while he was drying his hair. Shortly after he suddenly collapsed on the floor.


Mr Southall, of Brierley Hill, West Midlands, later died at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital despite receiving emergency treatment. A post mortem examination revealed that Mr Southall’s death was caused by an anaphylactic shock following hundreds of wasp stings.

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