Wasps are among pests tackled at Hinckley hospital

Hinckley Hospital

Hospital staff have been forced to call out pest control teams to deal with rodents, ants and other pests 464 times in the last year.

Shocking new figures show that there were 359 incidents across Leicester’s city hospitals, with the remainder of the calls from community hospitals across the county.

The hospitals with the highest number of incidents were Leicester General and Glenfield Hospitals, with 134 reports from each hospital.

Top of the pests were ants, with control experts called out 142 times to deal with the insects.

Meanwhile, there were four reports of rats at Leicester Royal Infirmary, as well as one each at the Hinckley and Bosworth Community Hospital and Hinckley and District Hospital.

There were were also problems with wasps at Hinckley and District Hospital.

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