Cornerhouse’s balcony bees add buzz to green awards


CITY entertainment complex the Cornerhouse has always been buzzing with activity – and that’s before 60,000 bees moved in.

The insects are making their home on a third floor balcony, in a new bee-friendly vegetable garden which produces sustainable food and honey.

It is a project which has earned them a nomination in the Nottingham Post Environmental Awards 2014. The complex is up for the First Steps to Sustainability category.

The Cornerhouse garden was set up earlier this year and the team has already harvested 16 jars of honey.

A variety of vegetables are also grown there, including tomatoes, beetroot and squashes. The vegetables and honey are then sold in aid of disability charity Mencap.

Centre manager Suzanne Green said: “We chose to put the bee garden in a visible area, rather than just on the roof, to highlight the environmental benefits of bees.

“It is already generating a lot of public interest. Our staff are also encouraged to get involved by watering the garden.”Adopt-A-Hive

Office administrator Katharine Fisher has even agreed to do a bee-keeping course to help look after them.

She said: “It’s something a bit different and will be a great thing to do. I might even get some bees at home if I enjoy it. The project is a really good idea and it’s great that members of the public can see the bees at work.”

The garden is not the only thing The Cornerhouse is doing to champion environmental issues.

As a whole, the complex is committed to ensuring none of its waste goes to landfill.

Suzanne added: “We achieve almost 70 per cent recycling on site and 100 per cent of our waste is diverted from landfill.

“As part of our site rules, operators recycle food waste, which is sent to biomass, and their plastics, cans, glass, paper and cardboard are sent to a local recycling plant.

“The remaining waste is sent to Nottingham’s waste to energy plant and turned into local heating.

“We ensure no waste is ever incorrectly disposed of.”

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2 Responses to Cornerhouse’s balcony bees add buzz to green awards

  1. donn says:

    fantastic venture, were you part of it?

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