The secret of the old beekeeper.


The secret of the old beekeeper.
This story was told me by one woman in a suburban train, when she learned that I am a correspondent : “Tell me about Gregory Danyluk please, his balm works wonders .”
It’s not difficult to find beekeeper Gregory Danyluk in Konuhah. They say, that everybody knows him there. He is a local celebrity in this village. They are friends with bees since childhood.
– “Wherever I am , ” – says the beekeeper – ” I try to find brothers in the craft , share my experience with them , which I can use then in my apiary”.
Once, such curiosity, and maybe fate, brought him to beekeeper’s shop in Berezhany . It was there that Mr. Gregory met 90-year-old beekeeper from Podgaichchiny . And it was in the 70s of the previous century.
Mr Gregory said: “Somehow I managed to please this old man and made friends with him . I had the fortune to meet him several times more, “He tells very interesting things about the bee: – “Even when people didnʾt know bread “, – said the man, – “they had already known honey, taken from the wild bees. With bee products – propolis, honey, wax, people treated various diseases thousands years ago. Nowadays, people are in search of panacea, but they canʾt even imagine, that it is here, in the apiary . ”
To confirm his words , he had prepared two bottles of his “beekeeperʾs balm”, as he called it .
– ” Drink one bottle in autumn and another in spring , and then you will prepare such a balm for yourself and will live up to 100 years old , and no disease will take you .”
40 years have passed since then, and Mr. Gregory lives an active life, rises sons and doesn’t give up his hard-working bees .
Gregory wanted other people to be healed, and he also had a goal to prove that apitherapy works. Therefore he gives his elixirs for free, he doesn’t sell it.
Perhaps the readers would like to know what raw materials the beekeeper uses to prepare his elixirs?
Usually the beekeepers destroy the wax moth, but Gregory Danyluk cultivates it. These caterpillars infest the frames and eat honeycombs. There are some niceties in this case – the frame should necessarily be old. Only then the extract of the moth would be twice effective than the one of the new frame. It is necessary to start to grow caterpillar in spring. Then it should be infused on 70% alcohol.
Unfortunately, children also suffer from tuberculosis. Mr. Gregory has another, no less effective medicine for them – honey made of galerin. To prepare galerin by yourself, you need 20-30 pieces of mature but not too overripe wax moth caterpillars. You should grind it in plate to get homogeneous mass, then add 200 gram of fresh honey and grind again.
Daily dosage for a child – a pea-sized piece three times a day, and a teaspoon – for an adult. Galerin is used in curing tuberculosis, myocardial infarction, to prevent common cold.
Whenever Grigory prepares his miracle balm for someone, he says a words of prayer, asking God for forgiveness asking to release his own sins, but the only thing that he does not ask the Almighty is easiness of being .

Credit -Ukrainian beekeeper

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  1. spookmoor says:

    Very interesting read.

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