A ‘Sweet Paradise’ from East Kingston community

MEMBERS of the Greater Brown’s Town Community Development Society mocked the idea of doing beekeeping in East Kingston when someone approached them in 2011 saying ‘you know how to squeeze the bee to get honey’, but today those same members have a different story to tell.

Now, the society is on the verge of bottling honey for sale under the trade name ‘Sweet Paradise’.


“We heard of a call for a proposal and approached the European Union and got funding amounting to roughly $2 million to set up the project, and then we applied to them to expand the project because we want to get it to commercial value level.

“The honey market is a huge market and so we expect to be involved in the export business in the fullness of time, so we are faithfully proceeding with it,” Fagan said.

Fagan added that one of the main reasons for the community venturing into beekeeping was for sustainability stemming from the help that they had received from the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) which was geared towards ridding the community from its stigmatised status of crime and violence and getting community members to look forward and achieve.

With the help from JSIF, Greater Brown’s Town, which encompasses McIntyre Villa, Dunkirk and lower Franklin Town, shifted its focus to education — after-school homework and Grade Six Achievement Test preparation programme, skills training.


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