Sudan Bee Honey Production Increases to More than Half Million Tons

Khartoum – The Ministry of Animal Wealth, Fishery and Pastures has affirmed its concern with bee production as it will boost the national economy and that the Ministry will provide all necessary resources to improve this sector.
Ahmed Al Tahir, Coordinator of Bee Production, told Sudan Vision that pure honey production reached 1600 for this year, 1200 tons for 2012 and 200 tons the total production of raw honey.

He said studies carried out by national centres and universities proved an increase in the annual production of honey besides the increase of daily individual production at the ratio of 3-15 kg at the production areas.

He said the amount exported is very little despite the fact that Sudan’s honey is the world’s best, citing lack of proper promotional policy as one of the obstacles.

Al Tahir said the price of a ton of honey in the international market is $500,000, the price of bee wax is $8,000 and the price of a kilo of Sudanese honey is 430 Riyal in the Gulf countries. He stressed the importance of quality control in this regard, adding that the ministry is committed to develop this sector through intensive training sessions.

He said Sudan is in a position to lead in the field of honey, citing the establishment of honey coordinator and expected honey to contribute $500 million annually to the GDP.

He called for finding solutions to problems encountering the progress of this sector especially the need to stop unlawful tree felling and provision of necessary resources to treat bee diseases. He said the forthcoming period will witness the importation of new species of bees to improve the quality of honey in this sector, urging investors and businessmen to invest in this sector.

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